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Cloudman came,
back in time,
He ruined our lives,
he stole our pride

Enslaved us all,
like soulless beasts,
He used our flesh
for his own needs

We couldn't fight,
We couldn't stand
and all we knelt
on the blue blood.

But soon they came,
Ellords supreme,
Outnumbered, yet,
Enough to win

Total War,
the earth was shocked,
The fire they used
forever lost.

A giant hole,
they're pushed inside,
Ellords, they sealed
the gates outside

And then it came
an endless storm,
No fire left,
everything lost.


Again we start,
like new born babies,
Erased all,
the line of ages

Our flesh worn-out,
Oooh, How we bleed!
Our life shortened,
We born weak.

Ellords will help,
a new beginning,
Corruption comes,
Ellords now splitting.

The earth is changing,
We shall follow,
Ellords now 'r' gone,
yet, no sorrow

We also split,
like the Ellords,
We fight each other,
count no cost.


And cloudman's watching
from inside,
They have observers

Also a few,
mentally strong,
appear upside
when they want.

They have a plan,
unseal the gates,
They have a council,
hold the dates

Decisions taken
there, inside,
Deceive our kings,
they're so blind

They rule again
from inside!
Our puppet kings
have no pride!

They work their plan!
They never stop!
Some gates open!
They unlock!

But came a king,
Soul of Ellord,
He fought them hard,
He saved our world!

His army small
and outnumbered,
but so tough,
They were so hardened!

No defeat,
He ever knew!
Soul of Ellord,
Line of the few!

He sealed the gates
once again,
He tried to build
a new domain

Yet, he was trapped
in human flesh,
They poison him,
no worthy left

They split in pieces
his domain,
Warlord in black,
he'll come again.


We keep on living
in a dream,
The sea of lies
all we swim

And cloudmen hear
from inside,
They have their watchers

They have a new plan
for the gates,
Their secret council
hold the dates

They have a plan
of million nights!
They have a plan
for billion lives!


But then appeared
a new Star,
We learn to listen
to our heart

Other Stars
will follow Him,
Give us strength
and faith to dream.

Cloudmen watch
from deep, inside,
They have observers
here, upside

They rush their plan,
they're so afraid,
Council's meeting,
set new date.


Endless wars,
We live in pain,
We're misleaded
Once again

Crazy kids
with wooden swords,
We dare to blame
all the Ellords

Split, Divided
Each with a plan,
Yet, all we serve
Star's great plan.


The Star is fading
in our heart,
The earth is going
even dark.

We keep on living
in a dream,
The sea of lies
all we swim

And cloudmen rule
from deep, inside,
They have their slaves
here, upside

Puppet kings
with no pride,
They make us faithful
to their guide!

They have a plan,
Unseal the gates!
Their secret council
hold the dates!

They're working hard!
They never stop!
No sleep! No food!
No heat! No cold!

Thousand of years
they live!
And still our blood
is so weak!

Our flesh worn-out,
Oooh, how we bleed!
Our years stolen,
We born sick!

They have a plan
of million nights!
They have a plan
for billion lives!

Cloudmen, mortals,
Each with a plan!
Yet, all we serve
Star's great plan!


Time passed,
they rule the world,
They think it's time
to go for

They have a boss,
an evil dragon,
They have a beast
to rule us upon

But there he comes,
Ellord from past,
Dressed in black,
Alone he acts

He's always blocking
their plan,
They can't hold him,
no one can!!

They try again,
set new dates,
They must unlock!
Unseal the gates!


We keep on living
in a dream,
The sea of lies
all we swim

We gain time,
save our souls,
but we're acting
like dolls

We all follow
their guide
and cloudmen rule
from deep, inside

We can't see
behind the curtain,
We're addicted
to their routine

They give us fire
to feel gods,
We forgot the Star,
His words

They give us fire,
massive death,
They control our thoughts,
our breath!

A fire false
that makes us weaker,
Life is stolen,
pain is bitter

A fire false,
We're even weaker,
Time is coming!
The world eater!!

They have a boss,
an evil dragon,
They have a beast
to rule us upon.

But still their plan's
going delayed,
A Warlord old
holds our fate

Never defeated,
as once,
He always stops
the dragon's dance

Dressed in black
and sword on back,
Deep his faith,
there's no luck

They know of him,
They are prepared,
A second plan,
A close date.


We keep on living
in a dream,
The sea of lies
al we swim.

War of numbers!
Steal our food!
Puppet kings
are falling nude!

A cloudmen's clan
resists, of Truth,
The female-human's,
old Lamia's root

They found a man
to serve their plan,
No puppet king,
A brave man

They are no saviours,
no friends,
There's no time
we should rest

And their man,
his own plan,
He'll start a war,
he'll try to stand

So we gain
some more time,
but we're clever;
We are blind!!

Ignore the signs
and the words,
Forgot the Star,
forgot Ellords

Splitting more,
on their course,
Cloudman's schedule
we force.

Cloudmen, Lamia,
Mortals plan,
Yet, all we serve
Star's great plan.


Time has come,
giants stand,
On a boat
Ellords come.

Human's war
and human's plan,
The fight started
Lamia's man.

War is ended,
beast is here as a king,
Most we sallute,
their song, we sing

He'll ask faith
on a mark,
As for the infidels;

As great king
some time he'll rule,
These days will end,
his time soon.

Time is over!
The world eater!
Hide yourself,
from the flash killer!!!

Their fire false,
will stop this day!
The gates unsealed!!
we are their prey!!!

Find somewhere to hide!!
For all those fall behind!!!

There's no mercy!!
No death!!!
Pain grows
on every breath!!!

Ellords are here!
They will fight!
Under the Warlord,
The Star's Light!

Our heart and blood
are now awakened!
Stars will land,
our faith strengthened

once again!
Who dares
victory to claim???

Faith To The Star!!
Under His Bless!!!
Men, Ellords,
All In Black Dress!!

Lead us Warlord
to our fight!!!
A lake dead,
under His Light!!!


A Thousand Years,
No Pain,
Then Temptation,
Once Again.

* "X" is the banner-labarum of Saint Andrew, because he
was crucified not on a wooden cross but on a wooden X.
* "X" is the banner-labarum of Saint Andrew, because he was crucified not on a wooden cross but on a wooden X.

Here's the cover: The X Tale_Cover

is a tale based on Mr. X words, as I read and listened to, somewhen in the world of dreams. I haven't read any of his many books, over 30, it's too much for me. Sometimes Less Is More. Anyway, Comparing just to his words, this is just a short, simplified summary with many things missing, a fairytale. Furthermore, it's probably too far from the original as written in his books.
  Some of you might think that Mr. X is a fantasy character I created to make more interesting the hall concept, some others awaken to the danger of the global illussion and familiar with Mr. X and his works might think that I'm stealing his work without even mentioning his name. None of these it's the case. I 've sent my fairytale to Mr. X and tried to contact him, but he never answered. If he had at least answered, now you would be reading a different message and maybe I could mention his real name. Furthermore, this tale could be nearest to the original with a little guidance from him. But as far as he is silent I take this as a total rejection and the best way for me to go it's this. I simply can't use his name without his approval. His words inspired me to write THE X TALE and this is something not even himself can stop. Maybe he doesn't want to be related and this is ok for me. Maybe he doesn't like my writing, maybe I took his words wrong, maybe... But as long as we don't talk of some kind of copy and not a similar kind of writing anything more would be like an attempt of censorship on the inspiration his own words turned on.
  As I said I haven't read any of his books, but I have to say that I don't find this story too weird and totally impossible and that I still respect Mr. X for his work, because he is not just speaking, but he prooves most of his words showing us what's going on behind the magician's curtain.
  Things can't be as simple as my fairytale, I understand this. So, even though I feel that my opinion to him doesn't count, I dare to suggest that it should also be released a much shorter, standalone series of 3-4 books, for the lazy, expendable readers of this world of dreams, like me.
  The best way to finish it's again based on words that arrived to my ears through Mr. X, though are not his: Whatever you may think about how much truth such a story can carry, just read it and keep it somewhere in your mind, if not as a possible, then simply as
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